The One Thing

28, May, 2020

Writing a story involves the complex interactions of characters and plot. The writer also has to worry about other aspects such as dialog and setting. All these elements combine together to build the story. But, every story comes down to one question. Actually this question is so universal that every story could be summarized by asking it. What do the characters want? [Read more...]

What Makes a Story

20, May, 2020

For my first post on writing theory I wanted to look at something pretty basic. What elements make up a story? [Read more...]

The Heart of a King: At Sea

13, May, 2020

Tim moaned into his bucket while Lase patted her brother’s back.

“Har har.” Kovu’s shadow darkened them. “See, the boy hasn’t got his sea legs yet.”

Lase glared. “Move along. We’re paying you for passage not conversation.”

“Yes, payment of a King’s Heart fully above board” Kovu gave a crooked smile. “Thought you should know we’ll reach yer island after a nice dinner of pickled fish.” He grinned as Tim retched into his bucket. “Oh, and yer boyfriend is looking for ye.”

“Are you going to be ok, Tim?” Lase rubbed his shoulder.

“Just find land soon,” he whispered.

[Read more...]